Tour du Canada Award for 2019

CKAP Tour du Canada Logos

Spencer Klaassen is the winner of the 2019, 16th annual Tour du Canada award for the member of Canadian Kilometer Achievers Program, the national cycling club Tour du Canada has announced.

In 2019 Spencer explored the Canadian province of Ontario, travelling from Missouri, U.S.A. He has been recognized by the Board of Directors of Tour du Canada as best reflecting its stated goals of promoting interprovincial cycling. Spencer’s accomplishment will be reccognized with a certificate of achievement. He will also receive a gift from Tour du Canada.

Thanks go to all those who entered the competition for this award. And congratulations to all for exploring Canada by bicycle.

For more information on CKAP and Tour du Canada, and how to compete for this annual award please contact:

Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program
James D. Wilson
C-KAP Co-ordinator
Telephone: 613-523-3012

Tour du Canada
Bud Jorgensen
Executive Director
Telephone: 705-434-1100

Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program (CKAP) is a national fitness incentive program that dates back to 1976. That year, groups of cyclists from across Canada traveled from province to province to their final destination of the Olympics in Montreal, Quebec. The goal of the program is to encourage participants to improve their health and lifestyle through cycling. The program has encouraged over 1,200 cyclists, on a voluntary basis, to log their daily kilometers throughout the year. The cumulative cycling distance of CKAP participants is over 34 million kilometers.

Tour du Canada is a national network of cyclists whose mandate includes the promotion of interprovincial cycling. The club has more than 300 active members throughout the country and in various parts of the world.
The Tour du Canada organization conducts the annual cross-Canada bicycle ride. Tour du Canada was first staged in 1988 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. Riders visit all ten Canadian provinces during the high summer months. As of 2019, nearly 1,000 participants have completed the 7,500 kilometre cross-country ride. The age range of participants to date is 14 to 80.

Tour du Canada is the registered trade-mark of Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation and is used under licence by VTSJ Groupe Cycliste pour Tour du Canada.