Tour du Canada Fees and Dates

Dates and fees for Tour du Canada are set in October/November of the year prior to the tour. A meeting of the Board of Directors is held in October in order to review the prior year and decide if changes need to be made. Once dates and fees are confirmed we begin processing application forms and processing fees. Please read the information below as well as Steps to Join
Membership in Tour du Canada can be processed at any time however during the summer months we will generally delay this until the fall.

2025 Details:



To check availability on Tour du Canada please check the Cycle Canada Availability Web Page: Event Availability


  • We accept applications for the Tour du Canada after due dates, provided we have space. There is no penalty if you apply after payment due dates. If we are full we will add you to a waiting list.
  • Membership in Tour du Canada: $30.00 (valid for two Tour du Canada years and renewable).
    For returning riders membership renewal for 3 years is $25.00.
  • Event Fee 2024: $8,495.00 + $411.33 (HST) = $8,906.33
  • The event fee includes a portion paid to Tour du Canada for shared costs and a portion (plus HST) paid to Cycle Canada as organizer of the event.
  • Once you are a member please submit an Application Form with a non-refundable application fee, currently $150. For those continuing on to register this amount
    is included in the fee.
  • You will then receive the full information package which you should review and complete and return along with a registration fee of $600.00 (again which is included in above total fee amount).
  • The next payment is $4,000.00 which is due by February 15 in the year of the tour.
  • The final payment  $4,156.33 ($3,745.00 + $411.33), the balance, is due March 31 in the year of the tour. Options (Mile Zero) may be paid at this time or when selected prior to the trip start date.
  • Applications and registrations will be accepted after these dates however the amount stipulated in the previous dates will be due at that time.

i) The Harmonized Sales Tax is a sales tax levied by the provinces of Canada and the Canadian Federal Government, this ranges from 5% to 15% and is calculated by the amount of time in each province.

ii) Fee includes a Green Levy. This is intended to reflect the Canadian carbon tax regime which begins fully in 2019. Fees are collected by the Canadian or provincial government for carbon emission. 2024 Tour du Canada fee includes a levy of $25.00 per rider.

iii) Each rider contributes $100.00 to the bursary fund and this is included in the above fee.

iv) There will be a (up to) $300.00 accommodation surcharge in the event we are not able to secure campsites and must put riders in indoor accommodation. The most likely possibility of this would be in Banff where it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure sites. This accommodation would be in hostels or hotel rooms and may be 4 plus to a room with the possibility of mixed genders. We expect to know in early January if we will have a problem.

v) A fuel surcharge may apply based on fuel prices as of June 1, 2024.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards are accepted for membership in Tour du Canada. Tour du Canada Ride: Credit Cards are not accepted for payment of Tour du Canada trip fees. Payment methods for fees for the trip Tour du Canada are — Canadian Cheque, Money Order, Interac Transfer (Canada) and Wise or Swift (outside Canada).
    Please refer to the “Paying Your Trip Fees Memo” here: TdC Trip Fees Memo. When paying by cheque or money order it should be made to Tour du Canada.
    Please contact us for wire transfer details.
  • Tour booking and fee payment is made through Cycle Canada, the Veloforce Corporation. TICO #50022860. Cycle Canada provides administrative support for Tour du Canada.

The Tour Fee – What’s included

Tour du Canada Certificate of Completion

The following is a summary of key components of the Tour fee:

  • A truck and driver(s) to carry rider gear, field kitchen and galley supplies.
  • Major Ferry fees.
  • Three meals a day. Riders cook (and cleanup) as a group and share in galley duty. Riders will need at least basic cooking skills. Meal plans stress the high-carbohydrate diet needed by active cyclists. Approximately 1/3 of the dinner meals are vegetarian (may include dairy products)
  • Cooking equipment is provided and daily group food supplies are purchased by Tour vehicle driver.
  • Accommodation is paid at pre-arranged locations. At a few locations we stay indoors, typically at university. (see above note marked ***) residences. Indoor accommodation is shared or single, but mainly it’s camping with your own tent over your head at nights.
  • When riding, you carry what you need for the day (typically a camera, lunch, on-the- road tool kit and a rain shell).
  • Daily route sheets and drawn maps exclusively for the use of participants during the Tour. These sheets and maps are copyright protected and remain the property of Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation.
  • Celebration party in St. John’s where riders get a certificate for completion.
  • Tour du Canada jersey, reflective triangle and water bottle at start of the ride.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Fundraising and/or sponsorship and promotion is not permitted on Tour du Canada. Tour du Canada’s mission is to promote inter-provincial bicycle tours and other advocacy work. Please read our mission statement. Cycle Canada also contributes to projects such as the Tour du Canada Bursary and cycling advocacy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us at or by phone at 1-800-214-7798 (705-434-1100 outside North America). For fees on other Cycle Canada events please visit: All Events