Tour du Canada – Canada’s National Cycling Club

A non-profit corporation

Tour du Canada is a non-profit corporation registered in the Province of Ontario Canada.

Cycle Canada, the Veloforce Corporation provides administrative support for the membership and the event Tour du Canada.

Summer Employment Opportunities:

Each year Cycle Canada hires a number of people to provide logistical support for Tour du Canada and Cycle Canada. For employment opportunities visit: Employment

Board of Directors

The Board is elected by the Tour du Canada membership. It is generally comprised of people who have complete the Tour du Canada ride. The Board meets regularly via electronic means. It meets in person or by video twice each year:

March Meeting: The Annnual General Meeting

October Meeting: Fall review meeting. This meeting is held in October to review the tour held that summer. Fees and dates are set as a result of this meeting as well as any policy changes.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the governance of Tour du Canada please contact us at: