Tour du Canada Mission

Tour du Canada – The Club

Tour du Canada is a national cycling club and a non-profit corporation. The organization was founded in 1987 and is guided by the Tour du Canada Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

  • To encourage, conduct and promote inter-provincial bicycle tours in Canada;
  • To encourage, conduct and promote complementary education and information programmes that further a general interest in cycling;
  • To help ascertain, defend and protect the rights of cyclists.

Join Tour du Canada:

The fee to join Tour du Canada is $30.00. To become a member of Tour du Canada please complete the Membership Form linked below.
Membership in the club is required to participate in the Tour du Canada. With the membership package you receive the Cycle Canada Guide to Bicycle Touring, which contains extensive detail on how to prepare for the Tour and on cycle-touring in general.
Members may also subscribe to the Tour du Canada Network.

Renew Your Membership:

As a past participant of Tour du Canada you may renew your membership at any time. The fee is $10.00 per year or $25.00 for three years. You can renew your membership by completing the Membership form linked below. Renewal gives you access to the on-line discussion group for Tour du Canada: TDC Network. This is a community of past and future riders and a good way to stay in touch. Anyone coming back after a long absence needs to sign up for the 3 year term, you will receive the full membership package which will have been updated since you originally joined.

As a past participant having completed the Tour du Canada ride you may join a Tour du Canada ride for a portion of the trip (and of course the whole tour). We reserve a number of spaces each year for member veterans to join on. Please contact us for details.

The Tour du Canada Network:

The Tour du Canada Network is a private discussion group for members of Tour du Canada. Tour du Canada members come from across Canada and around the world. Because of this broad geographic mix, the Tour du Canada Network is designed to help members stay in touch and exchange information. To become a part of the discussion group you must join Tour du Canada.

Join or Renew Membership and Tour Application Forms: