Tour du Canada Bursaries

About the Bursary:

Although we strive to make Tour du Canada as affordable as possible finding the funds to participate can  be challenging for young people who have not started their working life or have loans and fees to deal with in pursuing their education.

We want to encourage participation amongst this group of individuals because often once having completed their education they do not have the time or the resources to participate. Thus many need to wait until retirement or they obtain seniority in their employment in order to participate. Tour du Canada has become a popular GAP year activity for young people around the world.

Who Can Apply for Bursaries

Funds, in the form of a bursary, will be available to students and recent graduates 25 years or younger who are participating in Tour du Canada.

This programme is aimed primarily at young people and young students. In 2020 the Bursary amount has been increased to up to $2,500 to each qualified participant. The bursary applied to the Tour du Canada fee. The number of spots for bursary applicants is limited.  Applicants will be asked to provide information on their educational background and interests, their reason for applying for a bursary and their future cycling plans (after Tour du Canada). Bursary Application

How the awards are decided

The Board of Tour du Canada will make the final decision on who is awarded a Bursary from the general bursary fund.  The Board reviews the submissions and makes its decision based on the merit of the applications. Each Board member has a vote and the majority agreement decides how funds are allocated.

The Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership of Tour du Canada.

You can read excerpts from past recipients of bursaries here: Reports

The Origins of the Tour du Canada Bursaries

In 2008 Tour du Canada celebrated its 20th anniversary. To recognize that event the Board of Directors announced a project in the form of Bursaries to help young people participate in the cross-Canada ride.  The Fund originally provided $1,000 – $1500 for each participant and in November 2019 Board of Directors has approved an increase in available funds for Tour du Canada Bursaries to $2500.


Past riders, friends and family members are invited to contribute to finance the Bursary Fund. Secure Online Donation

General Donations:

Donations to the general fund will be used to award bursaries to any eligible applicant. All applicants are eligible to receive proceeds from the general Bursary Fund.

Dedicated Donations:

Donations to the dedicated fund will be in addition to any funds awarded through the general Bursary Fund.

In order to accept a Dedicated Donation the proposed recipient must be confirmed on the tour and must have been approved as a recipient of a Bursary. We will not process dedicated donations until such time as the participation of the individual is confirmed. Amounts of Dedicated Donations will not be publicized, nor the name of the recipient. Only the name of the Donor.  Funds received by Dedicated Donations will only be awarded to the proposed recipient. If for some reason the proposed recipient does not participate in the Tour the donation amount will be returned to the donor.

About Tour du Canada

Tour du Canada is a non-profit corporation. The tour is designed as a no-frills event. Tour riders become members of this co-operative organization. The Board of Directors is elected from the membership.

A Tour du Canada ride is a shared experience that allows cyclists to see Canada at a human scale and meet people from all of its regions. Being part of a group provides individuals with the confidence and resources to meet their goals and makes possible a trip that many would not contemplate on their own.

To make a Donation to the Bursary Fund

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You can now make a general donation to the fund or specific donation to an applicant.

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