How to Participate in Tour du Canada

Joining Tour du Canada is a multi-stage process. This tour is a unique and challenging experience. This process helps ensure that it is the right experience for you.

  1. Become a member of the club Tour du Canada (form linked below). You can become a Tour du Canada Member anytime.
  2. Complete a Tour Application Form (form linked below) and send in your Application Fee ($150.00). You can send in a Tour Application any time but Tour Applications and Application Fees are processed once the Tour Fees for the following year have been set, this occurs in October.
  3. When we receive your Application Form you will be sent Registration Forms that you need to complete and return along with the Deposit.
  4. When we have received your registration forms you will participate in an in-person or video meeting with the organizers. At this time you will let us know if you wish to join the tour or not.

Payment Methods for Membership and Fees

Please note. We accept credit card payments for membership fees only.

Payment Methods

Form Type

Canadian Bank
US Bank
Other Countries
Club Membership Credit Card, Interac, Cheque Credit Card, Wise, Cheque Creidt Card, Wise, Cheque
Tour Application Interac, Cheque Wise, Cheque Wise, Cheque
Tour Fees Interac, Cheque Wise, Cheque Wise, Cheque
*Any bank or foreign exchange fees will be for the member / applicant’s account

Mission and Values Statement

Please read Tour du Canada’s Mission Statement
Lisez-vous les objectifs de Tour du Canada

Please read the Tour du Canada Values Statement

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Join or Renew Membership and Tour Application Forms: