Tour du Canada Values

Tour du Canada values

The Board of Directors of Tour du Canada has approved the new Tour du Canada Values Statement.

In 2019 a survey was conducted with the goal of setting a Statement of Values for Tour du Canada. It is hoped that the Values Statement will guide members of Tour du Canada who participate in future cross-Canada rides.

During the months of November and December 2019, past riders shared their experiences from their tours – the highs and lows. Those views represented cyclists who successfully completed cross-Canada rides in the years from 1992 to 2019.

It is our hope that this member driven Values Statement will help future participants deal with the challenges of this unique experience.

Thank you to all those who participated and thanks especially to Tour du Canada alumni and Director Vicki Thompson for her work on the survey.

Tour du Canada Values


» All for one, and one for all

Follow through on your responsibilities to the group.
Take initiative to help each other.
Foster camaraderie – look out for each other, have fun together, celebrate the milestones and work together through the adversities.


» Treat others & the environment with thoughtfulness

Embrace diversity – approach differences with an open mind.
Own your mistakes and practice patience and forgiveness with others.
Honour the boundaries of the driver and their role with the group.
Respect your environment – the campsites, roads, equipment, and people you meet along the way.


» Dig deep and stay flexible

Overcome adversity through mental toughness and a belief in yourself.
Practice self-reliance – be prepared and resourceful.
Be willing to adapt as plans change and challenges pop up.
Keep an open mind to learning.


» Embrace the highs and lows

Make the most of the challenges and look on the bright side.
Recognize your energy is contagious and be mindful of not spreading negativity.
Appreciate the beauty of Canada and the unique experience of Tour du Canada.