Year: 2017

  • Keeping Your Bike Safe

    Keeping Your Bike Safe

    A 30 Year Record In 30 years of operating Tour du Canada and Cycle Canada tours we’ve had five reported bike thefts. We’ll share some of those tales and tips with you plus some further reading so your bike is where it should be, on the road with you. The Heist The heist with most […]

  • Tour du Canada Dates and Fees Announced

    Tour du Canada Dates and Fees Announced

    The dates and fees have been announced for Tour du Canada 2018. This will be the 30th annual ride across Canada. Start: Vancouver, June 20 Finish: St. John’s, August 31 The first step to participating is to become a member of the club. You will find the membership form here: Tour du Canada Membership Form. […]