New Age Record for Tour du Canada

Photo of Bud Jorgensen and Richard Hatherill.

Richard Hatherill of Ottawa, Ontario (R) and Bud Jorgensen of Alliston, Ontario (L) have set new age records for participation in the 2019 cross-Canada ride, Tour du Canada.

Richard is 76 and Bud turned 80 during the ride. The record was previously established in 1997 by Bob MacLean at the age of 73. The youngest participant in Tour du Canada, a young woman, was 14. The broad age range has been accompanied by an increasingly international participation in the ride. To date, riders have come from 17 different countries.

Tour du Canada is a national network of cyclists whose mandate includes the promotion of interprovincial cycling. The club has more than 300 active members throughout the country and in various parts of the world.

The Tour du Canada organization conducts the annual cross-Canada bicycle ride. Tour du Canada was first staged in 1988. Riders visit all ten Canadian provinces during the high summer months. Close to 1000 participants have completed the 7600 kilometre cross-country ride. The age range of participants to date is 14 to 80.

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