This sign-up form for options should be read in conjunction with the Options Memo. Listed rates include all applicable taxes and all administrative charges.

    Tax rate: 5% GST and 8% PST in B.C.; 5% GST in Quebec; 15% HST in Newfoundland; 4% Hotel Tax in St. John's

    1. Mile 0, accommodation at UBC and Victoria and dinner in Victoria at $155.00

    2. Extra nights at UBC per person per night. Per night rate is $45.00. If you need more than 5 nights please contact us.

    3. Private room in Quebec City for two nights (one single bed only) at $43.00:

    4. Private room in St. John's on September 4 at $82.50

    St. John's Note: If you have selected a private room in St. John's because you will have a partner join you there, please provide the name of the partner so that we can advise the hotel front desk in case that person arrives at the hotel before you arrive:

    5. Late fee? Change fee (applicable after April 15) at $20.00:

    6. Total Amount Owing. Please add up costs and type in here:

    Paid By:

    Please see: Details on methods of Payments.