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About the Network and Tour du Canada

The Tour du Canada Network is a members-only discussion board. Anyone can become a member of Tour du Canada. Join here: Tour du Canada Membership Form. On the form you are asked if you would like to join the Network. Please check yes!

Tour du Canada is a national cycling club and a non-profit corporation. The organization was founded in 1987 and is guided by its Mission Statement. Its main purpose is to conduct the annual cross Canada ride — Tour du Canada.

The Network is a discussion area that allows past and future riders to connect and discuss the ride and other cycling interests. All participants in the Network complete a membership application form and submit a fee. Member discussion areas are only open to members and proper names are used.

Rules and "Netiquette"

When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. It's fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike, and that's where the fun is! Also, note that messages express the thoughts of the writers, not the Directors of Tour du Canada

Commercial or Sponsorship Messages

The policy of the Board of Directors of Tour du Canada is that sponsorship or fundraising activities are not permitted in connection with Tour du Canada. This includes commercial or charitable causes. Members will often want to share information or questions about cycling or camping products on the Network and this is welcome.

Tour du Canada, as an organization, does support fundraising for a Bursary Fund that is designed to assist young riders who want to participate in the Tour. You can learn more about the Bursary Fund here: Bursaries. You can make a donation to the fund on your membership form or here: Donations

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Network or Tour du Canada we'd be pleased to help. We love talking about cycling in Canada. You can contact us by email at Email Tour du Canada

Full contact information can be found here: Contact Information