Brett Austins Journal - Tour du Canada 2006

A Kiwi Crossing

Hi. This trip across Canada is now complete. My family and a number of friends were on the receiving end of the e-mails ( with an appalling number of typos, as i now see ) I managed to send out about once a week during the trip - when I could find a library or internet cafe. So, now, here are some pictures to go with all those words. I have since loaded onto a Word doc and discovered there are 16,600 of them. So not only was this the farthest I'd ridden, it was the most I've written !!

This was the 18th year of the Tour du Canada (TDC). I did 8000kms over the 75 day tour, from Victoria in BC to St John's in New Foundland, touching on all 10 provinces of Canada. The only other long ride I had done was a 12 day ride by myself up New Zealand's West Coast of the South Island 5 years ago. The notion of another adventure surfaced a few years later and I happened to be surfing the net and came across the TDC - I was hooked: dreamed about it, planned for it - and now have achieved this trans-Canada crossing. For me, this type of tour proved to be the perfect way to tackle this challenge - a camping experience, bags carried in a support truck, travel light during the day,some big cities, out into the poorer small towns, great camaraderie. Read Brett's account here: Tour du Canada 2006

It's in Canada and a great day for a bike ride

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